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The Best TV & Smart TV Repairs

Is your television having issues? We can help!

Don’t just toss out a television you paid so much for! We fix and diagnose most major brands. Save money and Go-Green by fixing your television today!

With the price of televisions continually decreasing, you may have never thought about having your old set repaired.

All TV & Smart TV Models

We diagnose all modern televisions, including Samsung, LG, and Vizio. We can help with the following types of problems and more:

  • Cracked Screen Repair
  • Screen Line Repair
  • Audio Issues
  • Black Screens
  • Broken Remote
  • TV Diagnostics
  • Other TV Issues

Cracked Screens & Lines

Sometimes a small line crack on your phone’s screen may manageable to deal with but depending on the device such a breach in a glass screen may affect your device’s touch interface responsiveness, render your phone vulnerable to moisture damage, and cause damage you are not even aware of.

Don’t give into temptation and buy one of those DIY kits on the Internet in an attempt to save money. Modern Smartphones and devices are complex pieces of equipment and there are a number of different types of breaks that can occur (glass front, digitizer, and LCD). You don’t want to make the mistake of damaging a fragile component under the glass or unintentionally breaking something additional. With a free diagnosis, there’s absolutely no risk in having us a take a look for you.

Give Repair Genius a call at 407-790-4275 or stop by our store for assistance.

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