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Need help getting your tempered glass screen protector on your iPhone? We’ll walk you through the steps to get it on there right the first time! A tempered glass protector can help save your iPhone from an unexpected fall by absorbing some of the impact it takes when your iPhone slips out of your hand.

Before You Start

You will want to take your phone out of any protective case, box, or shell before applying your new tempered glass. We want the phone exactly how you got it when you bought it, just the iPhone. Set your iPhone on a flat, sturdy surface so it doesn’t fall while you apply your tempered glass protector.

Clean Your iPhone’s Screen

We recommend you use a microfiber cloth or eye-glass cleaning tool and carefully wipe the surface of the iPhone’s screen to ensure you have removed any dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Anything left behind on the glass will remain there when you apply your tempered glass. You want the screen’s surface as clean as possible.

Take the tempered glass out of its package and if the screen protector comes with its own wipe, feel free to use that as well and let the surface dry completely if the wipe contains any cleaner or alcohol. This is very important!

Peel Open The Protector

Take the tempered glass protector and peel back the plastic cover while keeping it face down towards your iPhone. Try not to touch the peeled (“sticky”) part of the screen protector, or you will trap smudges between the screen and the protector.

Aligning Your Tempered Glass

Slowly align up the top of the tempered glass to the ear speaker hole on your iPhone. Slowly lay the tempered glass down onto your iPhone screen, making sure it’s aligned with the sides of the iPhone glass. It should not be crooked or look funny once applied correctly. As you lay the tempered glass down and ensure it’s aligned, apply more pressure to completely lay the screen protector down.

Don’t Panic

If you see bubbles or air pockets, don’t panic! Slowly work them out with the edge of a credit card or use the provided plastic tool that came with your tempered glass product. You will want to gently press and move the air bubble to the sides of the screen protector, allowing it to remain completely flat against your iPhone’s screen. The tempered glass will slowly bond to your iPhone’s LCD or OLED screen, wrapping it in a protective layer that will absorb damage that could crack or break your iPhone’s screen.

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