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3015 Aloma Ave
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Mon-Fri: OPEN 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Only The Best Electronics Repairs

We repair smartphones, tablets, game consoles, Macs and even TVs. Our staff is friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. We understand the importance of high-quality repair and we treat your devices like our own! If you don’t understand what went wrong give us a call for a free diagnostic and find out today!

Let Repair Genius Look At It First

We like to think of ourselves as the Navy Seals of the repair industry. We are a small elite team that loves what we do and always strives to get the job done right. We respect both your time and your budget and we stand by our work with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on most electronic repairs.

Free Diagnostics Today

Not sure what's wrong? Let our expert team of techs examine your device or issue for free. We can make the right recommendations and tell you what is wrong. Whether it's a bad battery, water damage, or a failed software update, the Repair Genius staff will help you figure it out.


We work quickly and accurately, and have all the latest parts in stock. You can be in and out fast.
Same Day Service
Get your device repaired today so you can get on with your life. Don't wait days, don't pay for shipping. We do everything in-house.
Free Checkup
Our expert repair team will examine your device, free of charge. No strings attached. We'll recommend the best solutions.

Need your smartphone, tablet, or electronics fixed?

We offer expert repairs on all major brands at affordable prices!